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VendiCoins, The World’s 1st Crypto Advertising Platform Pre ICO is Live with 68% Bonus

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FEBRUARY 16, 2018

VendiCoins, The World’s 1st Crypto Advertising Platform Pre ICO is Live with 68% Bonus

vendicoins icoPalo Alto, Silicon Valley, CA — Vendio, the world’s first crypto video advertising platform and token has announced that the presale of its token, VendiCoins is now live in its first round.  The VendiCoins pre ICO launched live on Friday, February 16, 2018 with a 68% bonus for investors who purchase VendiCoins. Investors may participate in the ICO and presale by visiting

What is Vendio?

The Video Interactive Platform (VIP) bridges the communication gap between publisher content, viewer interest and the advertiser by connecting relevant ads to the publisher’s media being consumed by the viewer. The method used to do so is what differentiates Vendio from any other advertising instrument currently available today.

Vendio implements a proprietary tagging algorithm appended to a piece of video content at specific times during a specific video duration, selected by the publisher. These tags accurately describe the visual content being displayed during the specific duration of time selected. The data within the tags and asset information is then shared with potential advertisers of the publisher’s choice, who then select the best advertisement to match the specific content tagged by the publisher. Vendio’s analytics provide in-depth data for both the publisher and advertiser via the platform dashboard. Every publisher and advertiser are also given a VENDI Score used to gauge how successful each publisher and advertiser is in relation to their content.

Why should you buy VendiCoins?

The Video Interactive Platform (VIP) utilizes VendiCoins – VENDI tokens, which is regulated by smart-contracts, to feed all in-app and on-site transactional processes. VENDI tokens are at the epicenter of the Platform. Without VENDI tokens, users and advertisers will be unable to make any payment transactions or operate functionally on the platform. VENDI tokens are more than just a fuel for the video platform. They are used by consumers, advertisers, and publishers inside the platform, driving its core functions and directly benefiting everyone involved.

Trading of the tokens is made easy with listings on several cryptocurrency exchanges like EtherDelta.

VendiCoins are purpose-built Coins using the Vendio platform that will allow members to use engage in all in-app functions. These are utilities tokens which give rights and privileges to their owners when using the Vendio platform and its services. It should be noted that VendiCoins are not to be considered securities. These tokesns are available at a discount during the ICO & Pre-ICO events. Any unsold coins during the ICO will be burned. 




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